verification : Case study: Is it good to know what will happen next?

Carrie worked as a new assessor in a large adult education college. She was chatting in the staff room to her friend who was also an assessor on a similar course. Carrie said that the internal verifier had emailed her to let her know which pieces of her students’ work she would need to look at when she made her IV visits to the her course.  Carrie  thought this was helpful as she could then make sure that the IV would see her good students’ work  in the best possible light. Carrie’s friend is not sure.

What advice should her friend give Carrie ? As an internal verifier what advice would you give the IV?

Last modified: 3 June 2013

verification : Case study: Family Friendly Education

Anthea worked at a college that was well-known locally for its pastoral care for all its students. There was a strong family atmosphere and there were several family groups employed there – parents and grown up children, brothers and sisters, married partners and unmarried partners. Anthea was employed as an Assessor and was asked to assess the course work of a relative. She felt confident to do this fairly as she was following the assessment criteria carefully – in fact she felt if anything she might be too hard on him rather than too generous in her marking.

If you were the internal verifier what would you do?

Last modified: 3 June 2013