dyslexia : Recording using mobile phones

Mobile in hand At the end of last night’s induction session one person asked me if they could audio record the session with their phone. On the one hand this would improve inclusion as the learner would be able to be reminded of the session content. This is useful for learners who prefer auditory learning  or who have difficulties with writing notes quickly for a variety of reasons (e.g. for learners with English as a second language, dyslexia or any disability that affected handwriting). On the other hand the other learners would feel constrained or embarrassed in discussions. This would conflict with our ground rule of confidentiality and Recorded information like this would be covered by Data Protection Legislation and we would have to get signed waiver forms from every one present. What would you do in this case?

Last modified: 5 February 2014

dyslexia : Case study: Specialist help or peer support for dyslexia?


A friend has dyslexia and he is trying to decide which college to go to learn Construction Skills. The big college offers all people with dyslexia a full diagnostic test to check out their needs before starting the college course. This will mean that he has to wait a few months before he can start the course and receive the correct support via a learning support worker. The other college is a small college with no specialist learning support workers but has a store of equipment in regular use e.g.  audio recorders,  computer software to read text for learners and coloured overlays for the computer screen. Some of the teachers and several of the learners on the course have dyslexia themselves. What would you advise him to do? Wait a while and go for the specialist support at the big college or go immediately to the small college and rely on support from the teachers and fellow learners?

Last modified: 3 June 2013