News : Maths rock stars

Competition – it makes learning fun but does this work for everyone? Watch this video and see the Maths rock stars being made. Is it the bling and the music or the competition that is motivating these students.

Last modified: 8 September 2015

News : Untrained teachers to face the sack

What is best way to make sure that teachers are trained? Is it to sack the untrained teacher as Steven Twigg is suggesting? If the best way to learn to teach is through teaching practice how can teachers learn while they work (on the job).

Last modified: 17 June 2013

News : What would you include in a Citizenship test?

‘In a couple of weeks aspirant British citizens will be tested on British history for the first time. Since 2004 they’ve been tested on geography, customs and practicalities, on the basis of a book called Life in the United Kingdom, whose third edition was published in late January. Like the previous editions, the book reveals a bit about what the government thinks new citizens need to know, and a lot about how it would like Britain to be known.’

Reference:  The Guardian,

Last modified: 12 March 2013