age : How old is too old to teach?


Bay tree

 I am constantly amazed at what people say about this. Last week we had two separate inquiries about training courses where people said , “ I don’t know if  I am too old to study”. One man was born in 1961 and one woman was born in 1965. My response was, “I am several years older and still learning and teaching”. The man replied , “Well you don’t sound old”! What does an old person sound like? It’s left me stumped. My neighbour, 83,  just walked past on her way to deliver groceries to ‘elderly’ people.  She doesn’t see herself as old. All that work and life experience, skills and qualifications and yet there are some people at 50 yrs being told that that they’re old.  At our last awards ceremony I invited a friend in his late 60s to play a trumpet fanfare each time a successful student collected a certificate. No one commented on his age but they did say what a brilliant musician he was. We are having another award ceremony for students receiving their PTLLS certificates at the Meridian Centre this week and this time we will have a Bay tree there. Why a Bay tree? Well.. its evergreen, bay leaves are delicious in a stew and they’re just right to crown teaching champions . One of the students receiving a certificate teaches horticulture to women who are brand new to gardening. We have skills, there are people who need to learn. Lets get out there and share them …. I still don’t know what old means though???

Last modified: 15 November 2014